BALM! Baby - Diaper Balm (and 1st Aid) Travel Tin 1/2oz

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Try BALM! Baby Diaper Balm / All-Purpose Skin Aid © on cracked feet, sunburns, dry lips, diaper rash, razor burn, eczema, bug bites, peeling skin, itchy cradle cap, sores from drippy nose, scrapes, cuts, bruises, minor rashes, dry hands, burns and all that other funky stuff!

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, raw macadamia nut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, candelilla wax, organic raw shea butter, tocopherol (vitamin E), essential oils of: lavender, orange & tea tree

Directions: Apply conservatively as needed (a little goes a long way), directly onto owie; dab if owie is super sensitive. Repeat as neccesary. Apply before sleeping for best results (skin cells repair fastest during sleep). Cover with bandaid if needed.