Booda Organics - Booda Butter Cream Deodorant

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To use: Melt a pea-sized amount between fingers or palms and gently massage into underarms (preferably after bathing). It smells so yummy and feels so creamy that you will be tempted to use a large amount, but please note that a little goes a long way and lasts all day! In fact, applying too much cream could actually cause a baking soda irritation in some sensitive individuals. The size of a small pea should do the trick!

More ways to use: Enjoy the subtle naked coconut aroma or experiment with some of your favorite essential oils! Rub into any other stinky body parts such as feet! 

Storage: STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!! The consistency is BEST when stored at room temperature! It will be harder when cold and can melt naturally when heated.

Ingredients: Pure Baking Soda, Shea Butter*, Organic Tapioca Flour, Virgin Coconut Oil* & Cocoa Butter* (*Certified Organic & Fair Trade).