Locust Grove Farm - Shampoo Bar

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How to use: apply the bar directly to your wet hair, once it starts to lather, set the bar aside and work up a lather like normal. Rinse well and follow with conditioner.

Expect a shampoo bar to last 2-3 months depending on your hair washing routine.

These 2 ounce bars may last twice as long (probably longer!) than a typical 8 ounce bottle of shampoo with normal use and proper care. Most people find they use two shampoo bars for every one conditioner bar.

Regular bar maintenance applies. Get the most out of your bar by keep it high and dry between uses.

Ingredients: sodium coco sulfate(cleansing), cocoa butter(conditioning), sodium cocoyl isethionate(cleansing), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(cleansing), btms(rapeseed derived conditioner), coco betaine(lather and mild cleansing), coco glucose(mild cleansing), essential oil, naturally occurring clay

This product doesn't contain SLS(sodium lauryl sulfate) though the ingredients sound strikingly similar, they molecularly are different. They both have a role in cleansing, but work in different ways.